richard lewis

Richard Lewis bliver ansat af Daily Dot

Richard Lewis, den tidligere journalist fra Cadred og Tek-9 har nu valgt at forlade Heaven Media efter at have takket ja til et tilbud fra The Daily Dot.

Richard Lewis er kendt på stortset alle scener som den ukontroversielle journalist der har skabt mange store debatskabende historier, som både har givet hams fans og haters.

The Daily Dot har inden for kort tid valgt at skrive om eSport og har allerede nu valgt at øge intensiviteten ved at ansætte både Richard Lewis og Michale “Drexxin” Lalor som tidligere arbejdede for Gosugamers.

Selv har Richard Lewis udtalt følgende om skiftet til Paravine:

First off, let me say that like anyone who writes the news we’re very rarely comfortable being in the news. I don’t know if this is a story or not. Certainly I don’t deem the contents of my CV to be the kind of thing worth reading about but if people care then I supposed it is only fair to address it.

Yes, the rumours that have been circulating for a few weeks are true and I will be ending my six year relationship with Heaven Media at the end of this month. They’ve been a great employer, taking what was sold to them as a risk in giving me my first real e-sports job after I’d spent the requisite amount of time being screwed around by other companies. It’s not an easy decision to make but a necessary one at this time.

Ultimately our latest project, Esports Heaven, hasn’t turned out as I’d hoped. There have been many mitigating circumstances but ultimately the buck has to stop with me. Heaven Media gave me complete autonomy to run things as I see fit and ultimately somewhere along the line I’ve lost the stomach for the fight. It’s not fair for me to continue, even though I know the option is there, and I feel handing over the reins to someone else will give the project some fresh impetus.

I have ultimately hand-picked my successor and while this doesn’t always work out, as Alex Ferguson can attest to, I’m confident that Michale Lalor is up to the task. I’ve known him a while and always respected his work, both in terms of output and management, and I think the time is right for an opportunity to recognise his talents. He will inherit a talented team of staff and has already brought across some of his colleagues. I think he will continue the proud traditions we’ve set at Esports Heaven – producing quality video content, conducting hard hitting interviews and championing editorial and opinion pieces.

For me I will be joining the Daily Dot and have already started my work there. I’ve always been about producing content and when you’re the boss you don’t get to do that as much. I accepted an offer there just to write and that’s all I want to focus on. I make a much better writer than editor anyway.

I am excited by the Daily Dot’s achievements already and think their e-sports output has already been part of the new wave of e-sports journalism that is not only raising the bar technically but is also responsible for attracting mainstream attention. Being a part of that is exciting and I am sure that it will lead to great things for myself and for the publication.

I will also have the time to focus on creating my own content, including a streaming show and an audio podcast.

Once again I’d like to thank Heaven Media for standing by me through thick and thin, all the staff I worked with down the years, my current crew and of course the people who deem my work to be worthy of any attention. I wish Michale all the best and look forward to working with him as we ensure a smooth handover