Krepo: Jeg overvejede at træde tilbage

Den berømte eSportsjounalist Travis har interviewet Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels som overvejede at træde tilbage. Se videoen her.

Krepo har for ved sæsonstart valgt at flytte til USA sammen med de to andre europæiske spillere Snoopeh og Yellowpete med organisationen Evil Geniusses i baghovedet.

Krepos historie er noget svingene – Han har både deltaget i europæisk, koreansk og amerikansk LoL og har blandt andet været ved analystbordet til VM i 2013.

I 2012 nævnte han i forbindelse med et interview at Blitzcrank var hans yndlingschampion at spille – En champion han ikke har fået spillet her i denne sæson af LCS, hvor hans hold indtager en sidsteplads og derfor skal kæmpe om overlevelse i LCS.

Videoen har også fået stor mediedækning på Reddit. En bruger derinde beskriver hans følelser for Krepo på denne måde:

I just wanted to say, Krepo is, without a doubt, one of the most admirable lcs player right now. The first exposure I had to Krepo was an LCS match last year against Gambit (who is my favorite team) that didn’t matter for either team so they cheesed. It was the Krepo/Froggen Anivia/Blitzcrank game. Back then I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen. Then again, I was a little snobby shit about it and I was salty that Gambit lost to a troll, but I digress

Since then I’ve been following Krepo’s streams and his career moving EG to NA and trying to make everything work. It’s been a rough go, and I can’t imagine the frustration you had to have been going through as a team, organization and player.

I can honestly say, you are a major reason my gameplay has improved. Watching your stream taught me a lot about supporting and bot lane in general. To this day whenever I get frustrated at my teammates in soloQ, I still say to myself, “flame is lame, enjoy the game”

I never had a favorite NA team. As a matter of fact I never really had a reason to watch, but your perseverance and drive through the rough patches had me rooting for you guys every week. Then week 11 happened, and even though it doesn’t mean much, I think you proved a lot about your abilities as a team and as a player. You guys looked top tier.

In your interview with Travis, you said you wanted someone to sort of give you a “good job, Krepo” for your performance this week. Well, even though I’m sure people have already done it: Good job, Krepo. Your plays were sick, your binds were insane, and you were one of the best teams that showed up in this super week. You have always been a mature, respectable model of what an esports player should be, and you deserve your success this week.

As to whether or not you’ll be retiring, only you can know that, but personally, I never want to see you stop playing. I hope to see you blast through relegation and into season 5 with the rest of EG, securing that top spot I know you have in you. Never stop pushing, bro. We love you.