Freeze udtaler sig om k0u

Hele dramaet med at k0u forlod Ninjas in Pyjamas til fordel for den spanske klub Gamers2 har nu udløst i endnu en udtalelse fra Freeze.

Freeze er til dagligt ADCarry for Ninjas in Pyjamas. I udtalelsen kommer Freeze blandt andet ind på at det unge talent, k0u, har været toxic og ikke haft motivationen til at spille hvilket har udløst stor useriøsitet i træningskampe og enkelte turneringer.

Freeze afslører også at k0u havde fået et tilbud fra Gamers2, to uger før en finale mod SK Gamings amatørhold.

Hans udtalelse:

So I finally found some time to write something down.
Lets begin at the time when Cabochard joined the team and k0u was the jungler. It was shortly after powerofevil got replaced by alex in mid after k0u refused to play with PowerOfEvil in mid because of his playstyle. At that time everyone was super hardcore tryharding and we were winning most of our scrims and I really felt great. Everyone wanted to be the best and it looked like it for a while. But after first few days the level of tryhard and focus on scrims went down again. The biggest issue was trolling or tilting in scrims. From those issues which were mainly caused by k0u went everything into negative atmosphere.

I started to whine about k0u trolling and tilting in scrims which led into even more trolling by k0u (everytime I said k0u is trolling he literally went into enemy bot tower and gave up doublebuff for enemy AD carry on purpose). I stopped whine after our coach finally tried to fix k0u s attitude. Which was at that time impossible(If everyone says to you that you are the best and you are just 16 years old. Ye I think it kind of influences your behavior). Everytime our coach tried to fix K0u s attitude he asked him: ” What are you going to do? Kick me? You wont find a better jungler then me.” Exactly what he said. Which was at that time true since we couldnt find anyone to replace k0u. So we tried to fix his attitude again.

At that time cabochard started to ask for ganks way too much aswell. And here we go already super negattive attitude. Everytime someone asked for gank k0u basicly blamed that person for losing the game for not letting k0u play his own game.

Then strike from coach again. We let K0u play his own playstyle for one week noone asked him for ganks and he did what he wanted. At that time K0u already barly played any soloQ and his skill decayed very hard in my honest opinion and he wasnt even motivated to play. Which again let into losing every scrim and failling our playstyle. K0u started to feed heavily in scrims and we had to change something again.

Yet again we had to start asking for ganks and tell k0u what to do, since his own playstyle of the game didnt clearly work. 
That was few days before facing SKP in coke finals. After this bo3 I think k0u already understood that he decayed in skill and after a team meeting promised us to change his behavior and start to perform more in scrims. On the other day in scrims when cabo was constanly asking for ganks on toplane K0u desided to leave team after a bit of an argument with cabochard(Again argument about if we should ask k0u what lane to gank or he should do it on his own). 2 days before playoffs. His leaving words were: I cant fullfil my promise and I dont want to play with this team.

I aswell forgot to mention that K0u got contacted by G2 2 weeks before playoffs. Just around the time when the tryhard in scrims went to full troll mode and tilt.

I aswell would like to flame myself and the rest of the NiP since we werent exactly perfect either. I was trying to fix the issues too hard and if the problems were the same over and over again and noone wanted to fix them I was vocal about it in a wrong way. Most of the players had bad days aswell but that happens. Every team has issues.

I can tell that who ever managment / players were in contact with k0u during his time in NiP can comfirm this is truth. I m not making up thinks I m the one who is not scared to say the truth.

In the end I would like to say sorry for my bad english. Sorry for being super salty(leaving the team 2 days before most important tournament didnt help me much) and I would like to wish best of luck to G2 managment with going well with k0u in future.

I hope that k0u will grow up as a player and as a person. After that I have no fear calling him one of the best upcoming junglers in EU if that happens.