Spiludgivelser 2020

Her får du mulighed for at danne dig et overblik over de spil som har udgivelsesdato i året 2020. Af listen fremgår spiltitel, konsol og udgivelsesdato. Læg mærke til at nogle spil har flere udgivelsesdatoer, da de i få tilfælde udgives på flere platforme men på forskellige tidspunkter.

Det sker at udgivere flytter på udgivelses datoen for et spil, eller at den dato vi har fået oplyst er udgivelsesdato for en anden region. Vi gør vores bedste for at holde listen opdateret.
Hvis du oplever at vi benytter en forkert dato eller angiver forkerte platforme for spillet, så er du velkommen til at kontakte os.



AO Tennis 2PC09.01.20
Monster Hunt World: IcebornePC09.01.20
To the MoonPC, Switch16.01.20
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FESwitch17.01.20
Dragon Ball Z: KakarotPS4, Xbox One, PC17.01.20
The Sims 4: Tiny LivingPC21.01.20
Kingdom Hearts III Re MindPS423.01.20
MosaicXbox One, Switch23.01.20
Rugby 20PS4, Xbox One, PC23.01.20
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HDSwitch23.01.20
The Walking Dead: Saints & SinnersPC23.01.20
Kentucky Route ZeroPS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch28.01.20
Journey to the Savage PlanetPS4, Xbox One, PC28.01.20
Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfirePS4, Xbox One28.01.20
Warcraft III: ReforgedPC28.01.20
Cofee TalkPS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac29.01.20
Through the Darkest of TimesPC30.01.20
Sky RogueXbox One31.01.20


Dawn of FearPS403.02.20
Monster Energy Supercross 3PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch04.02.20
Life is Strange 2: Complete SeasonPS4, Xbox One, PC04.02.20
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance TacticsPS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Mac04.02.20
The Sims 4: Tiny LivingPS4, Xbox One04.02.20
Zombie Army 4: Dead WarPS4, Xbox One, PC04.02.20
7th SectorPS4, Xbox One, PC05.01.20
Knights and BikesSwitch06.02.20
KunaiPC, Switch06.02.20
The Turing TestSwitch07.02.20
AO Tennis 2PS4, Xbox One, Switch11.02.20
Yakuza 5PS411.02.20
FlorencePC, Switch, Mac13.02.20
Luna The Shadow DustPC13.02.20
Street Fighter V: Champion EditionPS4, PC14.02.20
Darksiders GenesisPS4, Xbox One, Switch14.02.20
Table MannersPC14.02.20
Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car RacingPS4, Xbox One14.02.20
Corruption 2029PC17.02.20
Hunt: ShowdownPS418.02.20
Devil May Cry 3: Special EditionSwitch20.02.20
Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car RacingPC21.02.20
Kingdom Hearts II Re MindXbox One25.02.20
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy CollectionPS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch25.02.20
Two Point HospitalPS4, Xbox One, Switch25.02.20
Samurai ShodownSwitch25.02.20
OverpassPS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch27.02.20
BloodrootsPS4, PC, Switch28.02.20
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody KnowsPS4, Xbox One, PC28.02.20
Metro ReduxSwitch28.02.20
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIVPS4, PC28.02.20
Half-Life: Alyx


Granblue Fantasy VersusPS403.03.20
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXSwitch06.03.20
Murder by NumbersPS, Switch06.03.20
Ori and The Will of The WhispsXbox One, PC11.03.20
My Hero One’s Justice 2PS4, Xbox One Switch13.03.20
Nioh 2PS4 13.03.20
MLB The Show 20PS417.03.20
R.B.I. Baseball 20PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android17.03.20
Doom 64PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch20.03.20
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsSwitch20.03.20
Doom EternalPS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia20.03.20
Half-life: AlyxPC23.03.20
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIIPC23.03.20
Bleeding EdgeXbox One, PC24.03.20
Moons of MadnessPS4, Xbox One24.03.20
Gigantosaurus The GamePS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC27.03.20
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC27.03.20
Persona 5 RoyalPS431.03.20
The ComplexPS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC31.03.20
Resident Evil 3


Totally Reliable Delivery ServicePS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch01.04.20
Resident Evil 3PS4, Xbox One, PC03.04.20
Aeolis TournamentPC, Switch03.04.20
Disaster Report 4: Summer MemorriesPS4, PSVR, PC, Switch07.04.20
Final Fantasy VII RemakePS410.04.20
Someday You’ll ReturnPC14.04.20
Deliver Us The MoonPS4, Xbox One24.04.20
Predator: Hunting GroundsPS424.04.20
Trials of ManaPS4, PC, Switch24.04.20
Gears TacticsXbox One, PC28.04.20
Moving OutPS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch28.04.20
Sakura WarsPS428.04.20
Wasteland 3


Sonic At The Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020iOS, Android07.05.20
Best Friends ForeverPC, Switch, Mac14.05.20
Marvel’s Iron Man VRPSVR15.05.20
Those Who RemainPS415.05.20
Wasteland 3PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac19.05.20
ManeaterPS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch22.05.20
The Last of Us Part IIPS429.05.20
Fast & Furious CrossroadsPS4, Xbox One, PC30.05.20