darker vil gå fuldtid

Darker vil gå fuldtid

Den russiske spiller Darker vil gå fuldtid efter at han netop har overstået sin eksamen. Darker har tidligere spillet på holdet Gambit Gaming hvor han var inde og vende i nogle uger i LCS.

Darker har været manden der har introduceret League of Legends til den russiske midlaner Alex Ich. Darker har udover Gambit Gaming ikke været på noget lovende hold, udover myRevenge Russia.

Selv har Darker skrevet følgende på sin facebook:

Graduation ! Feels so good to finally get my diploma after years of studying

People were asking lately what i gonna do and all i can say for now is that i decided to play professionally and find team to compete at highest level with. I’ve started practicing already and will look for opportunities to move and play in Europe (since i can’t play from Russia due to Riot restrictions). Hopefully soloq grind gonna help me to find people that are interested in me as free agent. Personally i’m really happy about my success in study and other stuff outside of lol, so i gonna catch up in-game aspect by grinding to challenger. Possibly with stream since i have a nice new pc.

That was a short TL;DR on my current situation and i wanna wish my followers to keep cool and enjoy summer time.