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Copenhagen Wolves: Vi blev ydmyget

Copenhagen Wolves spillede tidligere i dag mod Alliance, hvor Alliance løb med sejren stort. I løbet af kampen oplevede Copenhagen Wolves dog at Alliance udnyttede kontrollen til at score ekstra fantasypoint, højere KDA og andet.

Selv har holdets kaptajn, Youngbuck i en facebookstatus skrevet:

I guess a twitter post doesn’t quite make it clear why we are so upset about the game against Alliance so hopefully a longer post will do the trick.

Alliance is a team that we highly respect as players but also as people, we often talk backstage in a very friendly manner and we consider some of their players as good friends. Losing to them is something that we all have in the back of our mind, they are the better team and we very well know that. We are salty/butthurt over the fact that these guys that we thought were friends and had respect for us bought these stack items to humiliate us, not because it would bring them closer to victory. As if it wasn’t enough it felt like they were intentionally baron baiting for a tremendous amount of time just to receive kills and gain stacks/fantasy points. What it comes down to is that we feel backstabbed and humiliated by players we respect, friends that we like and an old teammate who we love

Holdets support har dog set oplevelsen fra en anden vinkel af, da han har oplevet nederlaget til Copenhagen Wolves som en motivationsfaktor til at fortsætte sin karriere.

I feel like i have to thank Alliance for our last game, before i was thinking of retiring after this split was over, the game we played today changed my mind and gave me the motivation to go on.

Love and hatred are the two biggest sources of motivation sources as far as im concerned, and today i got a handfull of the latter.

Now i will crawl my way back to LCS no matter what it takes just to play versus Alliance and show them how to destroy an opponent without humiliating them

Thanks for listening and good night!

PS: Hope Alliance dont get fined, its not my goal and they didnt do anything extraordinary, mejais on kassadin makes perfect sense, on the rest it was much less normal, farming them all to 20 stacks was definetly an overkill, coming from Shook is what actually hurts.

Also for anyone wondering why we didnt just surrender the game, i never surrender or give up, i will fight untill the nexus is down fair and square, i dont surrender in solo queue, never do it in scrims and ofcourse will never do it in LCS

Der er på nuværende tidspunkt en debat kørende på reddit hvis man er interesseret i andres meninger.